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Message from the Director

Welcome to United Africa College. The institution is well established and believes in serving both God and humanity. We nurture and develop good morals based on the fear of the Lord amongst staff and students. We believe that positive character is very vital in the academics and social development of an individual.

It’s prudent to study and achieve the highest level of education but it is very important for students to be trained and enabled to understand themselves, the society in which they live in and more importantly their God.

In United Africa College system, we perform to expected levels where by our own graduates are literate, numerate and of course are self confident, honest, enthusiastic, tolerant, well informed, articulate, practical, co-operative, flexible, creative individuals determined people who know what their talents  and interests are, had enjoyed developing them and intend to make good use of them.

When our students do a critical self- stock- taking, they do congratulate us for best training we have offered them. This is therefore the greatest opportunity that one should not afford to miss.

Join today a team united for academic excellence and become a member of United Africa College.

We give scholarships to bright needy students.


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